Supercars at the show

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A motor show wouldn’t be complete without a healthy collection of Supercars, and at The British Motor Show, we will have one of the most impressive collections of Supercars and Hypercard that you will see in one place this year.

So, although they may be beyond many of us there’s no harm in dreaming and choosing which would be your perfect match ahead of that lottery win!

But, it’s not just the chance to look at the cars, at The British Motor Show you will be able to see and hear them in motion in the cinch Live arena each day. We’ll have Supercar sound offs and even get a few Hypercar sideways courtesy of our stunt driving team. I

If that isn’t enough, how about a passenger ride with the Sporting Bears Dream Rides?

The Premier GT Supercar Paddock was one of the busiest and most photographed parts of the 2021 event. It featured some of the most iconic Supercars ever made, with famous names such as McLaren, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche and Koenigsegg represented.

Some of the rarest cars on display will also form a Supercar parade in the cinch live arena each day.

We know how much people love Supercars, so we’ll be making sure that this one part of the day you won’t forget!

Premier GT Supercar Paddock

Fill your performance fix as award-winning supercar dealer Premier GT will be displaying over 50 cars a day! 

It’s time to get up close and personal to a unique collection of super-rare and ultra-expensive Supercars and Hypercars from Lamborghini to Ferrari, Porsche to McLaren and so many more. Plus there will be a selection of race cars from the same marques on display as well. Spend the day admiring these beautifully built cars and speaking to their owners.

Hear their magnificent sound when a selection will take part in the Supercar Parade in our Live Arena each day.

Sporting Bears Supercar Rides

The Sporting Bears are a group of classic and supercar owners with big hearts. Since the club was founded in 1989 it has raised £2.5 million and now raises over £200,000 each year. One of the ways they raise money is through their Dream Rides. For a small donation, you choose your dream car from their cool wall and then they take you out for a 10mile/20 minute passenger ride! They cater for all tastes, from classic cars to supercars.

We are proud partners of Sporting Bears and they will be at the show in August where you can pick a car from their Cool Wall and then for a small donation, take a 10mile/20 minute passenger ride.

Some of the cars you will see at the show

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Supercars at the show