The Imperial Cars Live Arena

The Imperial cars Live Arena is where you will find all the live action.

Paul Swifts Stunt Display Team

Paul Swift and his stunt display team will be stars of the show, delivering one of the most exciting things on four (or sometimes two) wheels throughout the weekend with 3 different show each day.

Supercar parades

Not only will you be able to see some of the rarest and most expensive cars every made in our Supercar paddock, but in the Live Arena you will be able to see these amazing cars in action too.

Car Football

See our Euro 2020 Car football finals. Each day Paul Swift and a 5 celebrity drivers will be playing football with cars and a giant ball. We’ll host a game each day with the finals on Sunday.

Classic and owners club car parades

Our Live Arena car parades will have something for everyone from Classic car parades to motorsport and modified cars, our parades will be running throughout the show.

Group tests & technology displays

Join Mike Rutherford and celebrity friends when they bring to you our top tips and advice live. Our group tests will show you the best cars in their class and explain why

Mountain bike display

Savage Skills are the most accomplished stunt display team in the United Kingdom, with 8 world and 25 British Championship titles. Every day Ben and his team, will be wowing the audience with an amazing bike display show.

What you can expect from Paul & his team at The British Motor Show

Proud sponsor of the British Motor Show Live Arena