Sporting Bears to offer Supercar ‘Dream Rides’ at The British Motor Show

Ever fancied a ride in the Supercar of your dreams, or perhaps a classic car that you’ve always loved? Maybe you just want to feel the noise of an American muscle car from the passenger seat?

Well, thanks to The British Motor Show and the Sporting Bears Motor Club you can.

The Sporting Bears return to this year’s British Motor Show with an even bigger collection of Supercars, Classic cars and iconic cars and will be offering even more amazing Dream Rides.

For a small donation to charity, you’ll be able to buy the dream ride of your choice for you (and the whole family if it’s got more than 2 seats!) and be taken on an unforgettable 20 minute  trip around the Hampshire countryside that you’ll never forget!

Iconic cars from Ferrari, Lamborghini and Mclaren will be available, plus American muscle cars, Classic British Cars and luxurious rides from Rolls Royce and Bentley. don’t miss this amazing part of the road

So, who are the Sporting Bears?

The Sporting Bears are a group of classic and supercar owners with big hearts, who give up their time to give unforgettable experiences to others to support charities for British children.

Since the club was founded in 1989 it has raised £2.5 million and now raises over £200,000 each year, all for UK children’s charities. At The British Motor Show, the Sporting Bears will be running their ‘Dream Rides’, which allow show visitors to take a passenger ride in the car of their choice, from supercars to Group B rally cars. Each day, the Dream Rides cars will be displayed on a ‘Cool Wall’, from which visitors can choose their favourite and be taken for a 10-mile/20-minute experience they’ll never forget.

£41,029.80 was raised during the 4 days at The British Motor Show. 100% of this was then split equally between three organisations: the Chestnut Tree House, SeeSaw, and the Marcus Rutherford Foundation.

The Bears look forward to a bigger and better British Motor Show this year.

Want to know more about the Sporting Bears?  We have looked at their story and back to where they started here.

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Sporting Bears to offer ‘Dream Rides’